ELITECAD Architecture

The new freedom of planning
Created for you: The new version of our software for architectural planning and building modelling ELITECAD Architecture 16 supports you perfectly, no matter what or how you plan.

Why ELITECAD Architecture?

ELITECAD Architecture is based on intuitive application with direct model reference.
  • More than just plans and 'beautiful images'
    With ELITECAD Architecture you create 3D building models with extra value. The user friendliness of our software enables you to quickly design models which automatically generate all parametric components in a database in the background. Using this parametric structure planners can derive evaluations and graphical quantity surveys according to country-specific standards without additional effort - including recalculations upon changes.
  • Always focussing on the big picture
    One click allows you to change the depicition on ELITECAD - 2D, 3D, solid, hiddenline, wireframe model or high quality rendering - whatever you prefer! No other software changes the representation as fast as we do. Furthermore, in our software the entire model including all details, plans, storeys and visualisations is stored in one file.
  • Perfect start to your BIM project
    Building Information Modeling doesn't work without intelligent 3D building planning. This first but important step is the basis for your success in the following BIM project. ELITECAD Architecture allows you to do this safely, easily and quickly. With our software BIM stands for Beneficial - Intuitive - Manageable.
  • Integrated VR real-time visualisation
    In our software you don't need to export your model to an external application, where you loose the possiblities to make adaptions. The innovative VR real-time visualisation in ELITECAD Architecture is fully integrated and provides the possibility to go on virtual walkthroughs through your model and perfrom live changes, which are automatically synchronised to your 2D and 3D plans. By using VR glasses and gamepads or even touchless gesture control planning becomes an experience.
How easy is ELITECAD?
How long does it take to create a 3D BIM model with quantities?
In ELITECAD you can do it in less than 10 minutes. See for yourself.

Features of ELITECAD Architecture

ELITECAD Architecture Editions
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ELITECAD supports importing and exporting a large number of interfaces and file formats so you can work efficiently in your team.
  • BIM - Building Information Modeling
    ELITECAD is IFC certified and provides import and export of parametric building information. Using the BCF manager it is possible to document and trace issues in the IFC model. Perfect for efficient collaboration.
  • DXF / DWG
    The DXF/DWG import/export interface of ELITECAD enables highly flexible and configurable data exchange with countless products. Always up-to-date due to a cooperation with the Open Design Alliance.
  • (3D) PDF
    ELITECAD supports PDF generation with paper size recognition. In addition it is possible to create 3D PDF files, which allows you to share the model with people who don't have access to a CAD application.
  • Lumion
    Create perfect images and animations from a digital building model. Importing from ELITECAD is as simple as it gets. One click and the Lumion model synchronises with ELITECAD.
  • SketchUp
    The SketchUp import/export-interface allows access to countless library parts. Just download the desired models from the web, for instance 3DWarehouse.
  • California
    BIM2AVA allows you to turn your digital building model in ELITECAD or an IFC file into a commercial building model for the BIM process in California.
  • 3DS
    Exporting and importing 3DS files allows the usage of 3D geometry and models from 3DS Max and all other systems that can read or write this format.
  • Other interfaces
    Point clouds, terrain data, Shape, Interlis, SAT, STL, PNG, JPEG, VRML, U3D, CAD400, Gamma-Ray,...
    Optional: STEP, VDA-FS, IGES2D, IGES3D, CATIA, Inventor, Pro/E
Additional modules for ELITECAD
The terrain module depicts a three-dimensional terrain by interpreting points in space and curves. This terrain can be modelled and supplemented with roads, retaining walls, points and excavation volume. The software provides the relevant cubic changes. The terrain is displayed logically in floor plans, views and sections and provides the excavation plan.
The drainage module generates a three-dimensional drainage network, depicts this logically in floor plans, views and sections, and provides corresponding parts lists of the entire drainage network.
The professional tool for calculating tractrix curves easily enables ambitious architects or road planners to check the navigability of traffic routes interactively using the 15 stored standard reference vehicles according to the regulations of the FGSV (German Road and Transportation Research Association).
Successful architects work with ELITECAD
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