Drainage module

The Drainage module is the ideal tool detailled planning of complex drainage networks. The drainage model is depicted associatively in floor plans, sections, views as well as perspectives and provides part lists.
The drainage module generates a three-dimensional drainage network, depicts this logically in floor plans, views and sections, and provides corresponding parts lists of the entire drainage network. The drainage module automatically generates a three-dimensional drainage network based on load points with inlet markers, piping gradients, desired cross-sections, inclines, shafts, collectors and other relevant information. The software calculates tees, reductions and resulting inclines and applies them logically in the design model.
The three-dimensional pipeline network is a basis for generating plans, creating connections correctly and applying the selected colours. Pipes are labelled based on design model information - you only need to choose the label's position.

Parts lists are generated on the basis of three-dimensional drainage. These include pipe lengths with cross-sections, tees, shafts, reductions and all required construction parts for creating drainage.