Virtual Reality

Experience your ELITECAD models with real-time visualisation and unique interactive VR.
You already know "VR"?
We prove the opposite!
I already know VR -
it's everywhere!

That's right! Everyone is talking about VR right now.

It's nothing new, but VR in ELITECAD is different.
I can use it to view my future house or building.
True! At least part of it. That's also VR.

You can view 360° videos and look around using your phone and VR glasses.
I have seen the walkthough mode before.
Also true! That's already the next step.

Real walkthough and moving in real-time is one of the cool features of VR.
So what's different with VR in ELITECAD?

Of course it's still VR - Virtual Reality!

In an interactive virtual world, looking around is probably not the only thing you want to do!?
You want to experience it?

Changing the floor material?
Replacing windows or removing walls?
Viewing the sunrise from your future balcony?

You can do all of that!
That's VR in ELITECAD!
Virtual Reality for interaction

Interactive VR

Easy and intuitive interaction with 3D models
using VR glasses and gamepads
The only 3D CAD software with integrated VR world-wide!
VR isn't always VR, but what exactly is the difference between VR in ELITECAD and VR everywhere else? In ELITECAD the VR mode is fully integrated. You don't need to buy or install an extra module or export your model to another application. In ELITECAD everything works out of the box.

With no additional effort you can not only walk through your model, but also work on it in real time. You could change the floor plan, edit windows, move walls, change objects and materials, play with light sources, watch the grass grow and much more. You can basically do the same things you can do without VR. At any time you can switch back and forth. 2D, 3D, with glasses, gesture control, mouse, gamepad, just choose your preferred method of interaction.

The intuitive integration of VR in ELITECAD is unique in the field of CAD and construction software and provides many ways of interaction which the industry hasn't seen before.
"We don't want to be a one way street. Applying changes and immediately having them available in VR is a must for us."

Maximum support, maximum experience!
ELITECAD supports many common Virtual Reality glasses and input devices. We closely monitor new releases and constantly extend our support, so we always support the latest technologies.
The Oculus Rift, as well as the according controllers are natively integrated in ELITECAD.
The HTC Vive, as well as the according controllers are natively integrated in ELITECAD.
ELITECAD supports all common Microsoft Mixed Reality glasses by default.
Input devices
Common input devices like X-BOX, PS4 and VR controllers are natively supported.