Renovation planning - Time Machine

Renovation planning
ELITECAD AR14 introduces consistent and intelligent renovation planning in 2D as well as 3D. Visualisation of the states demolition, existing and construction can be freely configured from the 3D model all the way to the plans. All project states exist at all times and can be displayed simply with a mouse click. Classification is based on components, therefore avoiding the use of layers for instance.

Numerous construction functions make use of these states and automatically complete previously manual tasks (e.g. closing of a wall opening after marking a window for demolition), saving precious working time. More information in the model leads to more security. Automatic dimensioning for instance is only concerned with meaningful combinations of renovation states.
Plan views, views and sections naturally take those states into consideration as well and therefore provide standardized representation of renovation projects without any additional effort. The fully integrated renovation planning in ELITECAD not only supports the user in 3D modelling and layouting, but also in the calculation of dimensions and quantities as well as the creation of reports from the various project states.

The BIM process ensures correct passing of status information via interfaces. Visualisation in a VR environment shows the life cycle of a building in an impressive way. Nowadays already more than half of all building projects are renovation planning projects. A direct comparison between before and after is probably the best way to make decisions for saving money. The technology of virtual renovation planning – the ELITECAD time machine – provides the best possible support for this type of projects. Easy to use and a high level of detail.
  • Consistent and intelligent in 2D and 3D

  • Freely configurable depiction of the states demolition, existing construction and new construction from the 3D model down to the plans

  • Intelligent editing – fill openings automatically

  • Automatic model adaption when setting/changing openings in all components and rooms

  • Intelligent intersection of walls with matching state

  • Dimensions and rooms consider the state of objects

  • Exact calculation of quantities with corresponding reports of all project states

  • Exchange of renovation state information via interfaces like IFC, DXF/DWG, 3D PDF, U3D and SketchUp
  • All project states exist simultaneously and can be set visible or invisible with a single mouse click

  • Renovation states in plans, views and sections with automated standardised depiction

  • Coloured depiction of renovation planning states configurable per view

  • Correct 2D depiction of renovation planning objects

  • Impressive presentations of renovation projects in BIM real-time visualisation and VR