Our product recommendation for 3D architectural visualisation,
easy, fast and highest quality.
in record-time
Lumion is a software (Windows) especially developed for architectural visualisation, which seamlessly integrates into the processes in planning companies. Innovative rendering technologies enable the calculation of 3D models within seconds. More than 4.300 integrated 3D objects support you in your scene design. Model depiction, sketches for drafts and photorealistic visualisation for customer presentations are no problem with Lumion. The intuitive user interface allows you to get started right away without any prior training.

ELITECAD and Lumion: a perfect symbiosis
Lumion matches the user-friendliness and handling of ELITECAD and therefore perfectly completes our software. Importing and using ELITECAD models is very easy. With only a few clicks you create beautiful images and animations from your ELITECAD model. If there are changes later on, simply use the update function in Lumion to synchronise with your ELITECAD model. This way your presentation is always up-to-date with your current planning phase.
That's how easy professional visualisation works

The top 5 arguments of Lumion users

Do-it-yourself visualisation
Visualise your planning as images or videos without prior trainings.
Lightning fast rendering times of images and videos
Synchronise your changes in real time and render within seconds.
Photo-realistic results in highest quality
Bring your model to life with countless materials, effects, 3D objects.
Present in the format of your choice
View your model as 360° panorama, as video on YouTube or in VR technology.
Show size
Create large scenes with thousands of trees, people, buildings, etc.