Plan depiction

Representation levels
Plans are depicted depending on the scale, based on country-specific standards (ÖNORM, DIN, SIA) or on individual settings. Of course you have the option to transfer changes in a planning stage to other planning stages.

The scale and depiction of all parametrical construction objects and 3D free forms can be managed automatically with representation levels (level of detail of the planning). The definition of a representation level is graphic-based and is therefore easily and quickly adapted to individual requirements.

In design planning a number of details are not yet set. The depiction of floor plans, facade views and sections takes place in a reduced form. This also applies for dimensioning, labelling and hatches. With delivery of ELITECAD the country-specific standard is preset.
The depiction in work drawings is carried out in a higher level of detail. Multi-layered depictions with appropriate materials, a precise, associative labelling and the definition of connection details are obvious. Graphical means like arbitrary hatches, types of lines, fonts, colours etc. support your individual depiction.
Work drawings remain of course assigned to the model and other planning stages can be derived from it, so that your project status always remains consistent and up-to-date.

In detail planning construction details are specified based on the work drawing and have an increased level of detail. The extensive library of building components and symbols helps you to work out the details, which can remain associated with the model or being decoupled. As a result the independent 2D processing of details is possible.