ELITECAD Architecture
The following videos facilitate your start with ELITECAD. Our Architecture series is a step-by-step guidance that enables you to transform your ideas into professional 3D building models. Furthermore, you can find an introduction into ELITECAD Mechanics and ELITECAD Viewer at the end of this page.
01 Model control
  • Rotating
  • Moving the top view
  • Zooming (partial, full, global)
  • Hiddenline, solidmodell, render depicition
02 Start a project
  • Complete project dialogue
  • Define structures and storeys
  • View and show height sections
  • Storey manager
03.1 Build a structure - main building
  • Define floor plan polygon according to plans
  • Show the material for walls and ceilings
  • Define structures and move in 3D
03.2 Build a structure - annexe
  • Create additional components (garage)
  • Define attica
  • Storey management
  • Saving a drawing in the project directory
04 Roof | truss | roof window
  • Create a gabled roof with standard parameters
  • Set rafters on roof plane
  • Set roof windows
05.1 Create windows - 2D
  • Place windows in the floor plan
  • Set corner windows / basement windows
  • Window shape - rectangle via diagonal
  • Modify and align windows
05.2 Create windows - 3D
  • Window shape - rectangle
  • Middle of two points
  • Copy to active storey
05.3 Create windows - Specials
  • Storey transcending windows
  • Create free window
06 Inner walls
  • Place inner walls with different materials
  • Adopt and adjust inner walls in further storeys
07 Doors
  • Create interior doors with standard parameters (incl. door handles)
  • Place exterior doors (front door, garage door)
08 Input assistant 2D and 3D
  • Input assistant
  • Property bar
  • Parameters
ELITECAD Mechanics
01 Model control
  • Rotating
  • Moving the top view
  • Zooming (partial, full, global)
  • Hiddenline, solidmodell, render depicition
02 Input assistants 2D and 3D
  • Input assistant
  • Property bar
  • Parameters
01 Model control
  • Rotating
  • Pan and shift
  • Zooming
  • Keyboard shortcuts
Our video series ELITECAD@work is for users that have already covered the basics and have some experience with ELITECAD but want to extend their knowledge. Here you will learn new functions and practise how to use them effectively.
Project templates | ELITECAD Architecture 16
  • Working with project templates
  • Automatic views, plots and sections, etc.
  • Quick generation of structures
Storeys manager | ELITECAD Architecture 16
  • Management of the storeys
  • Different display options
  • Custom settings
Import surveyor's plan | ELITECAD Architecture 16
  • Import surveyor's plan
  • DXF configuration tool
  • Individualised depiction of imported plans/drawings
Import terrain data | ELITECAD Architecture 16
  • Import terrain data
  • Create terrain model including excavation and terrain modifications
  • Volume calculation of the excavation
Import coordinate dimensions |
ELITECAD Architecture 16
  • Import coordinate dimensions
  • Automatic generation of the 3D terrain model
  • Easy modelling of the existing structure
From point cloud to 3D model |
ELITECAD Architecture 16
  • Flexible and efficient handling of point cloud files
  • Model as precisely as if you were on site
  • Easy and quick remodelling of existing buildings
Vehicle path simulation with tractrix curve module |
ELITECAD Architecture 16
  • Checking the navigability of traffic routes
  • Specific vehicle selection
  • Graphical representation of the route
Project management
  • Create new projects
  • Project templates
  • Copy projects
Creating structures with dimensions
  • Create a BIM model with quantities with only a few clicks
  • Create structures using 2D contours
  • Configure automatic dimension
Multi-storey windows
  • Create multi-storey windows
  • Create windows using contours
  • Depiction in views and plan
Create camera paths
  • How to create parametric camera paths
  • Edit sequences and their duration
  • Create snapshots
Free stairs
  • How to create free stairs
  • Adapt stairs to contours
  • Settings and configuration
Timelapse and sun animation
  • Configure animations
  • Animated sun
  • Calculation of cast shadow
Working with layers
  • How to create layers
  • Assign objects to layers
  • Filter and group layers
Copy parameters
  • Select and filter using parameters
  • Copy and adopt parameters to other objects
  • Efficient changes with only a few clicks
Free form objects
  • Generate free forms from arbitrary polygons
  • Add attributes
  • Simple and quick modifications
Copy parameters to new versions
  • ELITECAD Configuration
  • Copy, adopt and merge parameters
  • Administrate global and user parameters
Collaboration in BIM projects with BIMcollab Plug-In
  • Working with the integrated BIMcollab Plug-In
  • Creating and commenting issues
  • Managing projects using the BIMcollab cloud platform
Project templates | ELITECAD Architecture 15
  • Working with project templates
  • Automatic views, plots and sections, etc.
  • Quick generation of structures
Parts4cad: load and position 3D parts
  • Configure component parameters
  • Load and position library parts from the web
  • Modify library parts later on
Stereoscopic display by Schneider Digital
  • What are stereoscopic displays and how do they work
  • What are the advantages of stereoscopic graphics output
  • How can the effect be adjusted live in ELITECAD
Attributes according to openBIM standards
  • Assign attributes and property sets to objects
  • Create custom attributes and property sets
  • Copy attributes to objects using copy parameters function
Label objects using Attribute-labels
  • Label objects using the attribute-label
  • Adjust the depiction
  • Configure the displayed attributes
Visualisation of attributes
  • Coloured depiction according to attributes
  • Configure attribute colours
  • Control the depiction using view parameters
Building model from point clouds
  • Import of point clouds
  • Clean up and divide point clouds
  • Create parametric objects from point clouds
Intelligent windows, doors and glass elements
  • Configuration of object parameters
  • Parametric lintel
  • Configure 2D depiction and labeling
Quantities and report generation
  • Working with the quantites manager
  • Graphical qunatity surveying
  • Generation of reports
Walking mode and visualisation
  • Walk through the virtual building model
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Make individual adjustments
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