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Tutorials for ELITECAD Architecture

ELITECAD Architecture – Basics: Foundations part 1
Course unit 1 explains the basics and the user interface of ELITECAD AR. Construction workflows and functionality like floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, windows and doors are explained using a one storey structure.
Duration ~2h | Download
ELITECAD Architecture – Basics: Foundations part 2
Course unit 2 deepens the knowledge you gained in unit 1. You learn how to manipulate parametric components, use help lines and apply changes to the project settings.
Duration ~2h | Download
ELITECAD Architecture – Basics: Foundations part 3
Course unit 3 describes how to create and modify plans. Learn how to make use of the model associativity and simply derive sections, floor plans, views, plans etc. from your 3D model. Furthermore graphical aspects, dimensioning and the usage of libraries and graphical elements is explained in this course.
Duration ~2h | Download
ELITECAD Architecture – Advanced: Extended construction functions
Course unit 4 describes the extended construction functionality. This includes the manipulation of various parametric components, construction of dormers, special manipulations of stairs, working with slanted planes, as well as applying colors and textures.
Duration ~2h | Download
ELITECAD Architecture – Advanced: Work drawing
Course unit 5 describes the possibilities of work drawings. It shows how to turn a design into a work drawing, apply changes, precise construction, configure hinges and inherit information to a selection.
Duration ~2h | Download
ELITECAD Architecture – Professional: Visualisation
In this course unit you learn about visualisation. Using several examples it shows you how to control lighting and shading as well as configuration of colour and textures. Furthermore you learn about radiosity and various render processes and how to configure them using sample projects.
Duration ~2h | Download
ELITECAD Architecture – Professional: Configuration of quantities
This course unit describes all possibilities of the configuration of quantities and provides exmples to illustrate them. At the end of the tutorial you will be able to obtain high value data from your ELITECAD model with only a few clicks.
Duration ~4h | Download
Additional Tutorials
ELITECAD Architecture – Tutorial: DXF
Data exchange via DXF is still an important topic. This course unit describes the parameters and countless possibilities for smooth data exchange provided by ELITECAD AR. The course unit provides examples for practising and also serves as a reference guide.
Duration ~1h | Download
ELITECAD – Terrain module
The functionality of the terrain module is explained using images and sample projects. You will learn how to process terrain data, create excavation plans and manipulate terrain data.
Duration ~1h | Download
ELITECAD – Drainage module
This course unit describes functions like load points, leachate build-up, sewage water, gradient calculation, falling gradients. Using practical examples, every step is explained in detail and can be followed. Tips and tricks are by experienced users help you to use the drainage module efficiently.
Duration ~3h | Download