Experience modern construction
planning with interactive features!

This site provides a sneak peek of the cool features. Of course you can also download our free test version and try all the features yourself.
Everything at a click
2D, 3D, hiddenline, solid, rendering, VR,...
ELITECAD users work in their preferred way and change views and modes with a simple click.
Add some action to your planning!
Your model is literally in your hands
Using the LeapMotion gesture interface you can experience your project like never before.
Skymaps for a 360° experience
See the bigger picture. You can even simulate seasons and daylight timelapses. Just try it yourself with the ELITECAD test version.
For us it doesn't just end with VR
Showing some virtual model is easy. But true value is achieved if the virtual reality (VR) can do more than just provide nice images for a look around. In our opinion, VR needs to be considered and integrated right from the beginning. It has to be as intuitive and interactive as the rest of ELITECAD.