With ELITECAD PARTS by CADENAS you have access to catalogue data of international companies with millions of CAD models. Using the parts4cad interface, you easily import 2D and 3D data of library parts with all their information and save precious time.

Millions of CAD models of international companies accessible with one click

Thanks to the integration of ELITECAD PARTS by CADENAS with more than 700 manufacturers catalogues, ELITECAD users profit from detailed CAD models for their used components. With only a few clicks, the additional module is easily installed. It provides an intuitive drag & drop functionality for 2D and 3D CAD components across all areas of industry.

The ELITECAD PARTS module enables access to the parts4cad application by CADENAS, which always provides up-to-date CAD objects. Besides the manual navigation of the manufacturer catalogues in a classical tree structure, a precise search allows to look for synonyms and use free search keywords. That way, the desired model is found easily from a set of millions of CAD objects.

Change the parameters and depiction

The positioned objects of the ELITECAD PARTS by CADENAS module are more than just library parts. With a double click on one of those objects, the configuration dialogue opens again in parts4cad and shows the used parameters. Even later on it is possible to change dimensions or choose other variants of the product, and therefore optimally integrate the manufacturer parts into the construction.

After positioning a manufacturer part, various depiction types are available. Besides 2D and 3D models (depending on the ELITECAD licence version), it is also possible to enable a measuring grid or to create a dynamic section through the model.

Better data in less time

The search, configuration and sometimes the detailed modification of manufacturer components sometimes results in a high effort for constructors creating their models. Using the integration of ELITECAD PARTS, it is now easy to access CAD models from the strategic object management by CADENAS and integrating them into ELITECAD Mechanics.

This saves precious time, so that constructors have more time for their core business. Our users profit from up-to-date, detailed data in record time, which leads to even better constructions. This results in more user-friendly daily work with ELITECAD.