5 reasons why your building projects will benefit from new architecture software

We all know it: the hesitation and questioning if we really want to give up old processes and structures. Am I making the right decision? Will I be better off afterwards? We can definitely help with these considerations regarding architectural planning and CAD software. Read here when and why it is worth making the switch.
First the upswing that seemed endless, then the emergency braking of the pandemic and finally a clear sigh of relief again, because the construction industry recovered quickly. Fortunately, most large companies as well as small offices in the architecture and construction industry continue to have full order books. The challenges have now shifted to staff shortages and the exploding price of building material. But what do all the developments mentioned above have in common? Innovations and changes from e.g. 2D to 3D planning or from 3D planning to BIM methodology are often postponed. The mantra of many companies is to wait for calmer phases. But let's be honest now: When does it really suit us to change something? The next project or challenge always awaits us. This is what makes our jobs exciting and life entertaining.

The "when" for an innovation in your planning processes is therefore quickly answered. As soon as you know that a change is useful or even necessary, don't hesitate. Complete your current projects and set the dates for your next projects in such a way that the first steps towards modernisation can be taken simultaneously. Otherwise the permanent waiting tactic will sooner or later become a competitive disadvantage.

Now the "why" remains to be answered. What are the arguments in favour of switching to another architecture software and maybe even getting started with BIM? Below we have five reasons why your architecture and construction planning will benefit from new software and thus new processes. All the functional examples refer to our CAD software ELITECAD Architecture in the current version 15. No theories and visions, no manual extra programming in advance or dependencies on other software. Here we summarise the real added value that ELITECAD delivers by default.

Spoiler: At the end, you will even get a brief glimpse into how to get started in a more efficient planning future.

No. 1: You save valuable working time shortly after the switch

With modern software, everyday planning is easier and more efficient. You're probably thinking "after x months of training". Our answer to this: No, not at all! Good software is characterised by user-friendliness and well thought-out, practical functions. Our users, for example, are always amazed at how quickly ELITECAD is learned and the new way of working is internalised. You want specific numbers?

  • With initial training by our experts, new customers report that after an average of 2 weeks they are fully productive with ELITECAD and thus have replaced their old CAD system.

  • Without training, i.e. with completely independent learning, it takes an average of 6 weeks after the changeover.

Immediately afterwards, the experiences of our customers show a significant increase in efficiency due to working with ELITECAD. Thanks to the intelligent automatisms and intuitive workflows, everyday planning is significantly accelerated. For example, through the simple creation of 3D structures from 2D contours with just one click, including automatic dimensioning. Or through the one-time definition of storey details with automatic reference for subsequent building elements. Our users are also particularly enthusiastic about the simple creation of multi-storey windows as well as the quick adoption of changed parameters for all affected components. Click through our video playlist below and see for yourself the benefits of such features. These and many other functions save valuable working time and allow you to focus on the essentials. The short training period when changing over is quickly amortised and the more efficient planning relieves your everyday work in the long term. Modern software such as ELITECAD is therefore a worthwhile investment that quickly pays off, even in busy times.

No. 2: No more manual rework thanks to automatic updates

In discussions with interested parties, the tedious changes in the course of a project are a frequently mentioned problem. No plan, no view, no report may be overlooked, otherwise there will be discrepancies and unnecessary errors later on. Tiresome work with great responsibility. Some people even told us that they prefer to draw variants or updates by hand rather than use their existing architecture software because it is too inconvenient for them. The astonishment is always great when we show how easily and quickly any change and variant is implemented in ELITECAD.

The so-called component parametrics enables work on a central model in which all plans, views, sections and lists or reports are generated and updated at the push of a button. As a result, ELITECAD users achieve greater modelling accuracy while avoiding errors by automatically updating all data at once. If you are interested, you can read more about the plan-model-relation here. In summary, the same data status in the 3D model and in the 2D plans is always guaranteed in ELITECAD without any added manual effort. Even better: The intelligent 3D model is already the basis for the BIM process.

Change once, up-to-date information everywhere
The ELITECAD model is constantly connected to all plans, sections, render graphics and reports. If there are any changes, all data will be updated automatically.

No. 3: Easy and quick BIM entry now or in the future

Still planning in 2D and think you're miles away from BIM? Or, despite 3D planning, do you still have concerns about the resources getting started with BIM would tie up? The subject of Building Information Modelling is not new, but it is still an element of uncertainty for many. The possibilities are enormous, but getting started often seems complicated and costly.

We have made it our task to make everyday planning easier with our products and services. Of course, this also includes working in BIM projects. In order not to distract this article from the topic, here is a link to the summary of BIM with ELITECAD. In addition, we have developed our own free lecture series entitled 'BIM Klartext', which quickly and easily gives interested planners a good insight into BIM. As diverse as the BIM options are, everything starts with the basics and the first step. No matter how or with what you are currently planning, BIM is also within reach for you. We've never had a case where ELITECAD wasn't up and running quickly - and once you create an ELITECAD model, you've already laid the foundation for a BIM project!

Because the starting point for Building Information Modelling is a 3D model that is used by all those involved as the heart of the project. Whether you start with BIM planning right away or only consider it in the future, the way you work with ELITECAD remains the same. You can even continue to plan in 2D and your 3D model will be generated by the system. However, our experience shows that even steadfast 2D enthusiasts will quickly switch to 3D planning thanks to the easy handling of ELITECAD. The resulting model can then be easily shared in (BIM) projects. A large number of import and export formats, including the standardised IFC interface for openBIM projects, always ensures smooth cooperation and the continuous flow of information with those involved in BIM planning as well as all other disciplines and trades. Furthermore, ELITECAD makes it possible to include common and individual information as details in the architectural planning with just a few clicks. You can read more about this in the section attributes of our BIM page as well as on the plan depiction page.

Does all this sound like extra work for you? BIM planning requires more information and coordination in the project, that's true. But modern software solutions such as ELITECAD Architecture relieve you of numerous manual and tiresome planning steps, automate and simplify them, so that you gain more time for other activities such as incorporating important details. So you swap tedious detail work for important planning steps in your projects.
BIM made simple
ELITECAD supports the current BIM standards and is an ideal tool for planning buildings in the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process. Efficient workflows and practical functions convince both beginners and experienced professionals of working with BIM.
No knowledge without information
The most important letter in the term BIM - the I - stands for information. The more information included in a model during planning, the better it can enrich the ongoing process. This applies to BIM projects as well as to traditional planning.
Extensive attribution
On the one hand, ELITECAD offers all common attributes and property sets of the openBIM standard predefined for quick assignment. On the other hand, any characteristics for objects can be freely defined as attributes and shared within the project.

No. 4: Master even complex projects with ease and efficiency

A high-rise building with many floors? A residential building with several structures? A listed property for renovation? With good architecture software, none of this will make you sweat. Modern systems such as ELITECAD enable you to master even larger or more complex projects than you currently have. Because by working on a central model, you always have the full overview. All structures, storeys, building elements, plans, sections, elevations, etc. are bundled in one file. You can assign access and editing rights individually in order to work efficiently on the project with your team using a single central file. Version chaos, duplicate or missing changes and locked files while being edited by others are a thing of the past.

Still want more? No problem. Import huge point clouds from existing objects and post-edit them quickly and easily. You have received one or even several terrains as a basis for your planning? Great, you can also import and use them with just a few clicks. ELITECAD Architecture covers the digital surveying excellently. A special highlight for many customers is our renovation planning. Existing data can be opened without additional software and further processed with the ELITECAD Time Machine consistently and intelligently in 2D and 3D. The display of the project states (demolition, existing and new construction) is freely configurable from the 3D model to the plans. All project states are available at the same time and can be shown or hidden at the touch of a button. This makes renovation planning a simple task.

Renovation planning at its best
With the unique ELITECAD Time Machine, you can efficiently plan all types of renovation projects and effortlessly manage demolition, existing and new construction with just a few clicks.

No. 5: Make your planning an experience rather than just presenting it

While 2D plans and maybe a simple rendering or two used to suffice, the demands for convincing presentations are far higher today. On the one hand, a detailed visualisation of the project enables additional insights and thus gives security in decision-making. On the other hand, the expectations of the client are generally higher than ever before. Appealing render graphics or a virtual tour from several 360° images are now commonplace. With a good architect's CAD, you don't need any other software for this. However, your presentation can also be a truly interactive experience thanks to the directly integrated VR mode in ELITECAD. This means you can easily switch to virtual reality mode directly in the CAD software – without exporting the data to another program.

Present interactively straight from ELITECAD
Whether a tour with just a controller or with a complete VR set-up, the real-time visualisation turns the model into an interactive experience with impressive effects.
The best thing about it? Your model can be manipulated at any time, so change requests can be incorporated immediately in the VR mode. You don't have to write anything down or switch back to your CAD software, change, re-export and render (or have it rendered). You simply update directly during the virtual tour and all plans, views and sections automatically apply your changes without any further effort. Both practical and impressive, isn't it?

Would you like something to take away? With ELITECAD you create high-resolution images up to 16K, short videos from camera paths and even complete recordings of the virtual tour as a reminder for your customers or as reference material for your own online presence. With minimal effort, you increase your brand awareness and reach with the help of your architecture planning software, which in turn means that the investment pays for itself quickly.

Let's upgrade - but how?

You know it's time for new architecture software. But what is the best way to proceed? We recommend an in-person or online ELITECAD demo from our experts to start with in order to briefly and concisely go through the variety of functions so that the features that are most relevant for you can be explored in detail. This gives you the perfect overview in only half a day. In addition, our free 30-day trial version is ideal for testing the operation and functionality in detail. Upon request, your individual offer will follow. Why individually upon request? Because we focus entirely on your needs and that could be anything including a straightforward license purchase and training, premium support, additional packages or even the perfect hardware bundle. Your satisfaction is important to us and we can ensure it by providing you with exactly what you want and need. So, are you ready to take the first step?