Real-time visualisation & VR

Real-time visualisation

Interactively walking through plans in ELITECAD Mechanics is an unprecedent experience thanks to the direct integration of virtual reality. The future owner or user can be included in the decision process early on and can experience the plant or special machine at first hand. Any modifications can be made during the design phase, which saves time and costs for all stakeholders.

Support during design phase

Real-time visualisation during desing phase
  • Plans, views, sections always up-to-date
  • 100% control over the project
  • Save camera positions (snapshots)
  • Short waiting times for images and videos with graphical effects

Walkthrough mode
  • Experience the model in realistic real-time visualisation
  • Navigate using controllers (z.B. Playstation® oder Xbox®) or mouse and keyboard
  • Collision control, gravity, flying and much more

Directly integrated Virtual Reality

Experience the model
  • Dive into the virtual reality and explore your model and its details
  • True immersion: unique experience of your 3D models
  • Native integration: no data exchange to other application, everything you need is integrated into ELITECAD
Export and control
  • Save your virtual walks as intelligent camera paths
  • High-resolution images and videos within seconds – up to 16K!
  • 360° panorama images and 360° videos by clicking one button
  • Presets for YouTube, Facebook, Oculus Rift and many more

Depiction of 3D models

3D models can be depicted in many different ways. Simply move the slider across the images and see for yourself how different visualisation types affect your model.