Special machine construction

Fast, easy and efficient

ELITECAD Mechanics also features very user-friendly functionality for special machine construction. The individual machine components are created in 3D space, without the need for detailed 3D definitions, since the intelligent user guidance reduces the required input to a minimum.

The definitions in the desired views is intuitive and easy as well. The modification planes are part of the defined objects and drastically simplify handling them. Using flexible modification and change functions, complex parametric conditions are automatically met. The easy modification steps enable quick changes and provide the perfect foundation for creativity in construction, especially for machines and plants.

Precise and concise

ELITECAD provides you with the freedom you need for effective work. You simply choose the way you like to solve a certain task or situation: 3D, 2D or both. ELITECAD Mechanics provides all required 2D construction functions combined with 3D functionality.

Our tools are optimally prepared for mechanical construction. Be it the auxiliary lines for a first draft, predefined parametric objects, complex assemblies made up of individual components – the result is always precise and concise.