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We are looking for a wide variety of projects and models to demonstrate the possibilities of ELITECAD. Do you have models, renderings, plans, images, videos or statements about ELITECAD? Every submission is welcome, we are looking forward to seeing your project!
How you can support us
  • Image and video material of projects
    We are always looking for new images and video footage to attest to the endless planning possibilities of ELITECAD using real practical examples. Do you have renderings, views, plans or even videos of your ELITECAD projects? We are happy to publish them on our website and our social media channels, stating the originator and owner, and skillfully stage them. Are you ready to make your models available for presentation purposes at conferences and lectures or for publication as a sample project (with references, of course)? We are looking forward to it!
  • Your ELITECAD project or model
    Do you have impressive ELITECAD models that deserve a detailed presentation? We look forward to receiving model data from all application areas. Our experts will be happy to further fine-tune the model with the best visualization settings if you don't have enough time for the final touches yourself. Of course, we will send the model and the data generated from it back to you, so that you can market your project even better yourself.
  • Your experience with ELITECAD
    How has ELITECAD changed your everyday planning activities? Which functions are particularly helpful when creating your building models or industrial projects? We're happy about all Feedback. We are also happy to publish customer testimonials upon your final approval in the customer statements area of our website with a link to your own website.
Your advantages
We stage your project
After your approval, we will publish the data provided, which may have been further processed, on our website and advertise it via our communication channels with references and links.
Presentation at ELITECAD Architecture 16 Launch Event
We will also present particularly appealing projects as highlights at the official presentation of the new version of ELITECAD Architecture 16, enriched with the latest features. Don't miss out on the international stage as a free marketing booster!

Think your project deserves to be central stage in the spotlight?
Then submit it here as the showcase project by the end of May 2022.
Fine-tuning and feedback from our experts
You "only" have the model, but no appealing pictures or camera paths yet? Our experts will be happy to give your project the finishing touches. We will then return the data to you so that you can benefit from providing your model beyond our marketing.
Submit an ELITECAD reference now
We look forward to every submission and assure you that the submitted data will NEVER be published without your review and consent. You retain full control over the use, which is always done in personal consultation with you.