Provide the international showcase
project for ELITECAD Architecture 16

The innovations in our software versions come largely from experience brought in by partners and customers. We, therefore, prefer to present them using a real project from everyday planning. Do you have the perfect project for this?

Your project should meet these criteria

We are looking for the best model or models for the international presentation of our upcoming ELITECAD Architecture 16 version. Do you have a showcase project? We are looking forward to see it!
  • Professional medium to large scale ELITECAD project
    Single-family houses and small projects are an important and indispensable part of the planning activities. However, in order to be able to fully integrate our innovations and extended functions, we need a certain size and complexity of the project. Whether it's a new construction or renovation, residential building or office complex, industrial plant or hotel, already completed or still in planning - we are open to all types of ELITECAD models.
  • Exceptional architecture, special design
    We know that every object is unique and contains the lifeblood of the planners. But some stand out a little more than others. They catch the eye, blend in perfectly with the surroundings or make a mark with very special design elements in the outdoor and/or indoor area. That's exactly what we're looking for as a showcase project - a model with that certain something.
  • Rights for further processing, modification and publication
    In order to be able to integrate our innovations and extensions from the coming version 16, we need usage and modification rights to the project or a project copy, which we can then process further. In addition, the rights for publication and marketing are also required for the international presentation. Of course, every publication is made with the indication of the originator and owner of the original project.

Your benefits

You have our gratitude and our appreciation. However, if we select your flagship project for the new version 16 of ELITECAD Architecture, you can look forward to much more.
We continue to stage your showcase project
Our experts will give your project some finishing touches with the latest features of ELITECAD Architecture 16. The end result will play an important role in the overall communication of the new version. Your showcase project will be presented to countless people as part of the official presentation of the version as well as in printed materials, press releases, on the website, at exhibitions and conferences, and much more.
A stage for your company at the launch event
Your project didn't create itself. That's why we want to give you and the key participants (clients, investors, etc.) a stage to explain the background and thoughts on the project and its special features. Present your company and your showcase project as part of the official ELITECAD Architecture 16 presentation and network with the industry audience present.
Exclusive beta version for ELITECAD Architecture 16
We have high demands on our work and therefore on our products. Therefore, we only present the final versions, in order to deliver only the best to our valued customers. Of course, we are aware that you are all very curious and looking forward to new versions. That's why, when we select your showcase project, we also grant exclusive access to the beta version for the first time, which normally only our testers get to experience in the last instance.
Benefit in the long term from our gratitude and knowledge
We want to reward your help with the optimal presentation of the new features far beyond the start of the new version. As a thank you, you will receive a voucher worth €1,000 from us, which you can redeem when purchasing ELITECAD software products or services. For example, use an update workshop with our experts to fully incorporate the new features of version 16 into your everyday planning.

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