Configurable user interface

ELITECAD provides a fully customizable user interface, which you can modify to your preferences. We ship ELITECAD with a predefined start configuration which is based upon years of our customers experiences and ensures an efficient start to your projects.

Depending on your industry and individual preferences, you can modify the user interface at any time, for instance:

  • dockable windows and toolbars
  • freely conrigurable toolbars
  • freely configurable key short cuts
  • nested windows

Dynamic 3D model

In ELITECAD Mechanics, the 2D construction and 3D modelling are directly connected. Through quick and intuitive rotation and movement of the model using the mouse, you can always check your model from the desired angle. In addition, the depiction can be changed easily between:

  • Shading model
  • Hiddenline model
  • Wireframe model
  • or a combination with real-time shadow calculation

Intelligent handling

The intelligent cursor enables a precise, intuitive and efficient operation. It delivers graphical and numerical information due to its position, offers possible commands and accepts inputs. An intelligent system of temporary, automatic auxiliary constructions supports you in definition of precise construction points. For a more efficient construction an extensive system of manual auxiliary constructions is available.

Handles and gripper (manipulation points and lines) appear by selection of lines, circles, free objects and all parametrical components. Depending on the cursor position all relevant commands are available and enable intuitive manipulation. All geometries can be aligned on other components by pulling the gripper and handle, or adjusted to the desired form and position by input of numerical values.

Selecting entire areas is easily possible in ELITECADMechanics, either by rectangle selection using two corner points on a diagonal, or intuitively using click & drag. This is especially advantageous in dense areas with many elements.

Manipulation via point input

In order to quickly modify objects in ELITECAD, the point input can be used. The available rotation and mirroring functionality is provided via the input assistant, where individual values can be entered for rotating and mirroring objects. The graphical preview shows the result immediately with further increases the usability.

Scaling objects can be achieved using point input as well, for instance if certain objects have to be adjusted to a given length. In ELITECAD you simply enter a starting point, which should be stretched to a target point. The resulting scaling factor is calculated automatically and the result is displayed right away using the graphical preview. This allows for easy scaling also for non-integer numbers.

    Layer management

    The layer management of ELITECAD Mechanics allows the user to set and define layers for objects as well as structure them in groups. These layer groups can even be nested and therefore allow for optimal structuring in your projects. Entire layer structures can ne saved and used as templates for other projects later on.

    Besides the layers and layer groups, filters can be defined. In contrast to layer groups, the individual layers can occur in several different filters. Individual structures can be assigned easily using drag & drop.


    Views correspond to a certain viewing direction onto a 3D model, including information about scale, depiction, parameters etc. In ELITECAD you can define many different views and group them as you desire. Choose between the following view types:

    • Model view – Viewing the model
    • View – calculated 2D view
    • Detail – Detail excerpt of a view
    • Section – Cut through the model
    • Plot – Drawing, which contains several views

    Printing & Plotting

    Even in times of digitisation, often times drawings and plans are required to be on paper. Of course ELITECAD provides the necessary tool for this purpose. Quickly and easily print arbitrary details, plot entire plans or assemblies

    Coloured depiction of attributes

    Besides modelling and plan depiction, the data and information which is linked to the model and its objects is at least as important. Information is the central element in the model or the 2D drawings, because without them, things like bill of materials couldn't be determined. In ELITECAD this information is linked to objects in the form of attributes. The graphical depiction of attributes and the coloured depiction of individual object properties in ELITECAD provides a large number of practical applications. The visualisation is far easier to grasp and interpret than any table or list.

    This tool allows for quick and easy verification and control of various scenarios which further increases the quality of constructions and models created with ELITECAD Mechanics. The coloured depiction of attributes is an extensive tool, which allows to graphically visualise object properties and opens up a whole world of real-world applications. One example is the coloured depiction of materials and the resulting graphical verification of the model. The possibilities are endless, since any kind of information can be used for the depiction, independent of whether the information was generated by the program or added by the user.