Full-time planning and viewing in 3D:
ELITECAD and 3D PluraView provide the solution

The cooperation between XEOMETRIC and Schneider Digital combines the optimal experience of three-dimensional planning and graphic output. Modeling and designing with ELITECAD, viewing stereoscopically with the high-end 3D PluraView monitors – a top-class combination!
There is no getting around 3D planning in architecture and mechanics, that has long been established. Nevertheless, we are mostly satisfied with a two-dimensional visualisation on our screens and, of course, on the printouts. For a better insight, we create three-dimensional views, render the models again and again, check the design from all sides and perspectives in 3D images or, as an ELITECAD user, even via the directly integrated VR mode in real time. But we don't really work in a 3D mode continuously. Why not?

Until recently, the output devices in combination with active or passive 3D glasses were simply not well-suited for longer work. Often the resolution left a lot to be desired, the frame rate and/or refresh rate were too low, the glasses were uncomfortable to wear, etc. In short, the 3D sensation was rather flickering, blurry and tiring. So, not really sensational.

The company Schneider Digital has revolutionized stereoscopic displays with its 3D PluraView monitor product family. We have now optimally integrated them into ELITECAD Architecture 15. Together, this creates the best 3D experience for planners in full-time operations.
Image source: Schneider Digital

VR as an alternative?
Very few CAD systems offer visualisation via VR (virtual reality) as a directly integrated mode including options for instantly changing the model (and we are proud to be the exception). Thus, the user is often limited to the VR visualisation alone, which means he or she has to switch back to the CAD software for adapting the model and, in case of outsourcing, even make the data available again to the VR partner. Another point to be considered is that the real environment is completely invisible due to the VR headset. For a truly immersive experience, this is necessary and wonderful. As part of a larger work – maybe in the office together with other colleagues – it is more desirable to be able to see your surroundings. So that's where modeling with a continuous 3D graphics output comes back into play.
Cooperation with Schneider Digital
This works extremely well with the 3D PluraView computer monitors from Schneider Digital. The German company has been a full service solution provider for professional 4K, 3D and VR hardware for over 25 years, with a special focus on areas such as geo information systems, CAx and architecture. After a detailed evaluation of each other's products, it quickly became clear to both of our companies that the combination is ideal. Hence, the cooperation has already been anchored with the latest version of ELITECAD Architecture 15, in that the optimal settings for the 3D PluraView stereo screens are preconfigured in our CAD system. This means that the use of the innovative hardware is now supported as easily and efficiently as any other activity in ELITECAD.

But what exactly is so special about the 3D PluraView technology?
Let's start with the stereoscopic graphics output. This means that two images are created that are exactly at eye distance from each other, which is the basic requirement for three-dimensional perception or respectively spatial vision. The simplest variant for stereoscopic viewing is, for example, the use of red/green glasses. Of course, stereoscopic computer monitors such as those of the 3D PluraView product family provide an incomparably better experience.

Image source: Schneider Digital
The absolutely flicker-free beam splitter technology delivers the full monitor resolution up to 4K/UHD thanks to one display per eye. Together with perfect brightness regulation and the highest colour brilliance, this enables the user to work comfortably and without tiring. Furthermore, the new BlackTuner technology of the 3D PluraView stereo monitor system supports the user in reliably capturing objects even in dark image areas. A response time of just 1ms reduces "ghosting" and blurring. The precise, pixel-perfect image evaluation enables a spatial experience even in daylight without completely blocking out the environment. The spatial vision in ELITECAD is further enhanced because tools like the cursor or markers are optimised for this purpose and are displayed in the correct depth. As already mentioned, all the necessary configurations for the use of the 3D stereo screens are also prepared in ELITECAD Architecture 15. Further details about the 3D PluraView displays from Schneider Digital are available at www.3d-pluraview.com and soon in our product area, too.
For whom is the combination of ELITECAD and 3D PluraView suitable?
It is particularly useful in geo-informatics, i.e. for GIS, mapping and point cloud visualisation of laser scans. But also in many other 3D visualisations as part of CAD/CAx operations, users benefit from the combination of fast loading times for large amounts of data together with most efficient modeling tools and high-resolution 3D graphics output of points, areas and textures.

Image source: Schneider Digital
The best way to demonstrate the perfect interplay of ELITECAD and 3D PluraView is, of course, to show the combination in practice. We will be happy to find a fitting date for a presentation as soon as the Covid situation allows for it. Simply fill out our contact form and we will get in touch to discuss the options.
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