ELITECAD Architecture 15

Efficiency15 - this summarizes the main advantage of the new version of our software for architectural planning and building modelling.

Whether you create independent designs or large projects connecting many stakeholders and systems around the world – with ELITECAD Architecture 15 professional BIM projects are a guaranteed success.
Facilitate, accelerate, innovate

In short, this is what ELITECAD Architecture 15 is all about. The innovations start with further improvements for daily workflows at the office or even home office and stretch to a drastically enhanced connectivity with the entire planning world. All innovations and new functions developed by our team were implemented with a strong focus on facilitating faster and more efficient (team-) work. The characteristic of an "all-rounder software" is more accurate than ever for ELITECAD Architecture 15.

Our architecture software provides functions and workflows for creating everything from drafts to photo-realistic renderings and even entire video sequences, all from a single source. From building modelling to interactive presentations, you are never forced to leave the software, even though exchanging building models is now easier than ever. The new version features a large number of new and improved interfaces to further improve the digital architectural surveying and to make collaboration with other planners easier and more productive. Locally efficient, globally proficient.

Adolf Mollnhuber
Head of R&D
" With every version we develop useful extensions and innovative tools, independent of the complexity of architectural objects that are created by our users. ELITECAD Architecture 15 successfully builds the bridge between individual planning efforts and global interconnectivity. "
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What's new in ELITECAD Architecture 15?

Highly efficient architectural modelling with intelligent planning tools

Professional architectural designs are way more than simple building models. They are brought to life by the use of architectural design elements and develop impressiveness through modelling details. Therefore, doors, windows, glass elements, roofs and dormers are key elements in architectural planning, because they provide individual character to designs. Adding library parts to designs adds life to architectural designs and provides ideal insights to future building projects.

The new version 15 of ELITECAD Architecture provides countless planning tools and optimizations to further enhance the design experience. Creating projects in record time, and adding final touches to the model is now easier than ever.

Innovations at a glance:
  • Countless improvements for openings (glass elements, windows, doors)
  • Automatic attic floor with roof intersections
  • Easier generation of dormers
  • Automatic views, copy views for view variants
  • Intelligent management of library parts
  • Optimised parameter management

Automatic attic roof (0:35)
Intelligent openings - windows, doors, glass elements (0:53)
Intelligent management of library parts (0:38)
Efficient creation of plan variants (0:46)
Connectivity for optimized data exchange

In times of advancing digitalisation and globalisation connectivity is the cornerstone of modern architectural planning. Open data exchange is more essential than ever. This means a smooth and lossless exchange of ideas, concepts and the actual implementation and models in different applications is the most important requirement for the current world of architectural design. The more details can be transported, the more efficient the collaboration and the more successful the entire project.
By implementing countless plug-ins and interfaces to external platforms, ELITECAD Architecture 15 was developed with a main focus on improving Connectivity. This allows us to lift the already efficient BIM process to an even higher level.

Innovations at a glance:
  • BIMcollab and BCF manager
  • DBD-BIM (for German market)
  • parts4cad by CADENAS
  • Optimised and extended interfaces (tendering systems, DXF, SketchUp, Lumion, CPIXML and many more)
3D platforms - Parts4cad (1:07)
Classified objects using DBD-BIM - German only (0:49)
Collaboration using BIMcollab (0:57)
More information for your projects: BIM & attributes

Talking about the design and exchange of building models, the term BIM is more relevant than ever. Probably the most important letter in this term, the "I", knowingly stands for information. Models, objects and intelligent building components provide information with their attributes and properties. The more information we already put into a model during the planning phase, the better the usability in the ongoing BIM process. Our highest goal is the smooth and lossless data exchange between project partners, software products and trades. Every information contained in the model early on can then be used by the subsequent stakeholders for a more efficient planning process.

Besides the existing parametric attributes that are automatically derived from the geometrical properties of the model, ELITECAD Architecture 15 provides drastically improved functions to add information as free attributes to objects and construction parts. On the one hand, all known attributes and property sets, specified by the buildingSMART standard, were integrated into the standard configuration of ELITECAD. On the other hand, the improved property manager now provides extensive functionality to add any information to objects using free attributes.

On top of that, countless functions were extended, to seamlessly integrate and make use of the free attributes. This includes the quantities and reports, the possibility to add the new information to 2D plan views using the new attribute-label object, the coloured depiction of models depending on their attribute values and the enhanced information about library parts by using attributes like article numbers and manufacturer details.
    Attributes according to openBIM standards (0:56)
    Innovations at a glance:
    • IFC4 interface and new options for import and export
    • Predefined property sets and attributes according to openBIM Standards (buildingSMART)
    • Free custom attributes
    • Attribute-visualisation for graphical depiction of properties and data
    • Attribute-label for easy but detailed labeling of plans
    Attribute-labels (0:41)
    Attribute-visualisation (0:32)

    The extensive list of innovations is complemented by additional implementations regarding quantities and reports. One of the major innovations is the automatic calculation of the gross-volume.
      In ELITECAD Architecture 15, this information is calculated according to local standards based on the gross floor area and the corresponding heights. Furthermore, the gross-volume can be graphically depicted for verification purposes.

      Innovations at a glance:
      • Gross-volume and graphical verification according to local standards
      • Quantities for lintels and roll blind cases
      • Graphical visualisation of room area calculations
      • Optimised reports
      Gross-volume according to standards (0:35)
      Digital architectural surveying
        Every architectural construction is located at a certain place, which might be a specific terrain or an existing construction. The architectural construction influences the surroundings, and vice versa. Therefore, the import of data representing the real world is an important basis for the depiction and the modelling of terrain and buildings. Depending on the situation, the processing of the surveyed data can be done in different ways, therefore it is important to provide flexible and efficient possibilities to handle this real-world data. ELITECAD Architecture 15 features countless innovations and improvements to further improve and optimise the handling of terrain and point cloud data.
        Building model from point clouds (0:51)
        Terrain model from geometer data (0:40)
        Innovations at a glance:
        • Terrain module
          • Multi-terrain-mode
          • Copy terrain function
          • Georeferencing terrains
        • Point clouds
          • E57, LAS and LAZ file support for importing point clouds
          • Area selection
          • Easy manipulation, deletion and unification of points
          • Extensive configuration of depiction
        Countless other improvements

        The new version features countless other implementations and improvements in the areas of 2D planning, usability as well as system and configuration. ELITECAD Architecture 15 provides many innovations across all areas and once again is distinguished as the best tool for architectural planning processes in the AEC sector. A list of all innovations and extensions can be found in the Innovations document.
        All innovations in detail
        Here you can download a detailed description of all innovations and improvements of ELITECAD Architecture 15.
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