Efficient collaboration in projects using BIMcollab

The integration of the BIMcollab BCF manager in ELITECAD Architecture 15 simplifies collaboration in (open)BIM projects and ensures optimal documentation and project management.
BIMcollab - one of the numerous new integrations of ELITECAD Architecture 15
A main goal of the openBIM process is to connect people and applications in a way that the data exchange is open to everybody and as efficient as possible. The better the connection and data exchange between applications, the more information can be transported via BIM building models, and the better and easier projects can be implemented across all trades, regardless of the project size.

BIMcollab is the ideal interface for managing and documenting openBIM projects. With the new direct integration into ELITECAD, it is possible to create Issues and share them with team members, regardless whether they use the same BIM software or a different one. Issues that were created with ELITECAD are automatically synchronised to the BIMcollab cloud and can be accessed by other project members immediately.

Using the provided tools for validating solutions, tracing annotations, publishing feedback and standardised workflows leads to an enormous increase in efficiency when it comes to working with BIM building models. Existing BCF issues can easily be imported into the new BIMcollab interface. Accessing the platform and the project documentation does not necessarily require ELITECAD, but can also be done using mobile devices and a web browser or any other BIM software that supports BIMcollab. More information on the integrated issue management can be found on the BIMcollab Website.
We decided to team up with BIMcollab, because our main goal is to ensure open information exchange in the openBIM process and there is no better partner for that than BIMcollab. With the new direct integration, it is now possible to share information created in ELITECAD platform- and software-independently. This doesn't only benefit ELITECAD users, but all project stakeholders that can access this information in their BIM software.
Dr. Wolfgang Stöger, CEO and owner of XEOMETRIC GmbH
The highlights of BIMcollab in ELITECAD Architecture 15
ELITECAD@work: Use BIMcollab for project collaboration
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