The ELITECAD software family is growing:
We proudly present our brand-new products Viewer & Styler

Great news for all of you who want detailed insights into 3D models and 2D plans as well as for those who want to showcase building models and real estate properties: our portfolio is extended and the new additions ELITECAD Viewer and ELITECAD Styler are exactly what you are looking for!
Today is the day: we are releasing our novelties!

Our product range just got broader by two additions. We are proud of these new products and very happy to share the release news with you.

With our new products ELITECAD Viewer and ELITECAD Styler we are launching a truly powerful duo that is definitely worth a closer look!

Of course, we stuck with our expertise and development principles, which means our "newcomers" are well-grounded, user-friendly software solutions with added value for the customer – just like all of our previous developments. However, an important difference lies in the target group of our new products. While our existing products focus strongly on CAD professionals like architects and mechanical engineers, we now provide easy-to-use solutions for those who are not planning with expert knowledge on a daily basis.

The origin: more efficient collaboration between all parties involved in a project
In the building sector, the efficient collaboration between all stakeholders is essential in big BIM projects as well as in building private properties. Many specialised trades and planners come together in modeling and construction. However, there are also further parties involved in such projects like owners, investors, consultants or agents. This is the case in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial construction, too. Where new products, special machines or plant designs are created, the best possible collaboration between the many parties involved is crucial for success.

Independent of the industry sector, the people involved in such projects are always connected by a central CAD model which is created, further developed and executed in real life at last. Yet we can not assume that everyone has expensive professional software at his or her disposal and is familiar with complex CAD functions to work with this central model. Therefore, practical solutions are needed for seamless and effective teamwork with a transparent flow of information. But let's take that one step further: efficient collaboration with little to none training effort.

Based on this background, we are sure that our new solutions are highly satisfactory:

is available as a free download for opening ELITECAD or IFC data in order to evaluate the respective models and plans in detail.
is a very useful extension to our free Viewer with a set of additional functions at a reasonable price for successful projects and teamwork.
is the state-of-the-art solution for the most flexible design and presentation of building models or real estate, following up on the basic model of a planner.
From now onwards numerous users benefit from these software solutions in proven ELITECAD quality – from CEOs, project management, sales and administration to private clients, consultants, property owners, interior designers and estate agents.

In other words, our brand-new products are designated for
a) everyone who wants to view, analyse or comment BIM models and architectural designs or mechanical constructions and plant designs;
b) those who want to fit out empty building or property models, create customer-specific digital experiences and top-class presentations for commercial and private clients.

All of this is feasible without expensive training and the ELITECAD Viewer is even available for free. This just has to be the offer of the year, right?

You want more details? Further information and all features of ELITECAD Viewer, ELITECAD Viewer Pro and ELITECAD Styler are ready for you on the respective product pages. If you have any other question, please get in touch with us!

Our new products in detail

Efficient collaboration thanks to detailed insights into 2D, 3D and BIM data for everyone. Including a free IFC Viewer, optionally extended features with Viewer Pro.
Unique design and presentation of building models and all types of properties for interior designers and estate agents: one model, thousands of possibilities.