DIN standard parts module

Using the DIN standard parts module for ELITECAD Mechanics, constructors have access to all standard parts which leads to an increase in security during construction.

Standards package basic

Screws incl. screwing module
hex bolts, cylindrical bolts with internal hex, countersunk screw, eye bolt, wing screw, stud screw, stone screw


Flat washers, flat washers with chamfer, washers with a large outer diameter, washers for bolts, spring washers, spring washers, washers for steel construction, washers for I- and U-beams

hexagon nut, wing nut, ring nut, weld nut, hat nut

threaded bolt, bolts with head and threaded pin, screw bolts

I-beam (IPB, IPBI, IPBv, IPE), isosceles T-steel, isosceles angle made of steel, unequal angle made of steel, U-steel, round-edged Z-steel, square steel, hexagonal steel, flat steel, hollow sections for steel construction

Overview standards package basic

Standards package machine construction

Threaded pins with hexagon socket and tapered point, point, tenon or cup point, threaded pins with slot and point, point, tenon or cup point, cylindrical pins, grooved pins, dowel pins

Headless bolts, headed bolts

Locking rings
Retaining rings for shafts, retaining rings for bores, locking washers for shafts, round wire snap rings for shafts and bores, snap ring grooves for shafts and bores

Overview of standards package machine construction

Standards package plant construction

Steel fittings with threads
Long thread, pipe nipple, pipe double nipple, double nipple with hexagon, reducer with hexagon, socket, socket reduced, angle reduced, plug, cap, cross, T-piece

Thread fittings from cast iron
Socket, reducing nipple, double nipple, screw connection, angle, short elbow, long elbow, elbow screw connection, T-piece, cross, elbow-T, two-elbow-T, angle distributor, T-distributor, lock nut, cap, stopper

Form parts for welding
Reducers, elbows, tees, caps

Arched bottoms dished out, arched bottoms in basket-arch shape

Carbon steel tubes, seamless and welded steel tubes

Steel flanges according to PN, welding neck flanges

Pipe screw connections with cutting ring, union nuts, screw-in socket with conical and cylindrical thread, angled screw-in socket, T-screwed socket, angled bulkhead socket, L-screwed socket, screwed socket with shaft

Overview standards package plant construction

Standards package bearings

  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Spherical roller bearings
    • Barrel bearing single row, double row
  • Cylindrical roller bearings
    • Axial cylindrical roller bearings
    • Cylindrical roller bearings single row, double row
  • Deep groove ball bearings
    • Deep groove ball bearings single row, double row
    • Radial insert ball bearing
    • Cast housing for radial insert ball bearings
  • Radial angular contact ball bearings
  • Radial self-aligning ball bearings
  • Shoulder ball bearings
  • Needle roller bearings
    • Needle roller bearings with cage
    • Needle sleeves with cage
    • Needle sleeves with cage
  • Plummer block housings
  • Combined needle roller bearings
    • Needle roller thrust cylindrical roller bearings
    • Needle roller thrust ball bearings
    • Needle angular contact ball bearings

Overview of standards package bearings