Mechanical construction

Mechanical construction parts

In ELITECAD Mechanics, commonly used elements are provided to the user as parametric objects, which saves a lot of time during construction. The components can be generated as 2D or as 3D objects, depending on the users wishes. Since they are parametric, you can apply changes to the objects at any time.

From simple polygons to complex V-belt pulleys, ELITECAD has it in the portfolio in order to support your construction process:

  • polygons, ellipses, spirals
  • base plates
  • gears
  • V-belt pulleys
  • wave generators
  • pillow blocks
  • electrical motors

Assembly management

The integrated assembly management in ELITECAD Mechanics enables constructors to create manage meaningful assembly structures easily and intuitively. The assembly hierarchy can be nested and is easily configured using drag and drop. Of course, it is also possible to select the objects in the drawing in order to add them to an assembly. That way you always have full control over the organisation of your assemblies and avoid making errors.

In addition to the assembly management, an assembly bill of materials is provided, which allows to determine the bill of materials for individual assemblies or the entire construction.

Standard parts

Besides mechanical objects, ELITECAD provides a large number of commonly used standard parts. This allows you to fully focus on your innovative work – the required standard parts for your constructions are provided by us.

Four industry-oriented packages are available:

Standards package basic
screws, plates, nuts, bolts, I-girders, U-girders, angle steel, form steel

Standards package machine construction
pins, bolts, locking rings

Standards package plant construction
steel fittings (cast iron with thread), floors, pipes, flanges, fittings

Standards package bearings
deep groove ball bearings, cyclindrical - and spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, needle bearings

Stairs generator

In order to quickly and intuitively create stairs, which are described by parameters and can be modified later on, ELITECAD Mechanics provides a practical stairs generator. Using the detailed parameter dialogue, you can define all the parameters of stairs to your requirements, from the stair's geometry, to the step definition, supporting structure, stair head and foot until plan graphics – everything is customisable.

With this useful generator, you can create objects for scenarios in plant construction which allow for an interactive experience using VR. Furthermore, at the same time, templates for detail construction are provided. The appearance of the stairs can be adapted easily, even before the detail construction starts and the customer can see a realistic presentation of the stairs. This provides security for the manufacturer and saves time and money when it comes to change requests.


With ELITECAD Mechanics you can verify the functionality of mechanical constructions with lever systems for gripper and pendulum movements or even cams and cam drive without additional test costs. Furthermore, systems with cylinder drive can be simulated and optimised. The user interface of the kinematics features its own property bar, which provides direct and easy access to all kinematics functions.

Simulation control
The implemented control is similar to typical music players and is easy and intuitive to use. You can easily start the kinematics in your desired way.

Kinematics definition
Defining kinematics in ELITECAD Mechanics is grouped in logical blocks like rotation, translation and special functions. These functions can be individually combined, which allows the user to quickly create complex simulations. For commonly used sequences – like pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders or cam drives – ELITECAD Mechanics provides special functions, which make the generation of such kinematic drives especially easy and efficient.

Colour assignment mode
In ELITECAD Mechanics you mark defined elements automatically in the drawing with special symbols and therefore identify them easily. In addition, groupings of kinematic definitions are depicted in freely configurable colours.