Well protected with ELITECAD: no danger from log4j

We'll tell you the good news right away. Our customers can breathe a sigh of relief. Java is not necessary for the operation of ELITECAD, consequently all our software products can still be used as safely and efficiently as usual.
ELITECAD is not affected by the log4j vulnerability.
The recently discovered serious security gap in the Java logging framework log4j is a hot topic not only in IT circles but also in many other industries and the media. Unfortunately, this vulnerability is widespread and easy to exploit. That makes it particularly dangerous.

However, we can assure our users that you are on the safe side with ELITECAD. Once again, our independent CAD core has proved to be a huge advantage. Whether Architecture, Mechanics, Viewer, Styler or BIM2COST, our software products are not affected by the log4j gap!

We wish our customers continued enjoyment working with the best 3D planning software.
Your software is affected by the log4j gap?
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