Program and licensing

What kind of licensing options are available?
The standard case is to obtain a license for a single user on a workstation with a dongle. For every program or module you purchase, you will receive the respective codeword for this dongle.
License manager software on a server
If you want to use multiple licenses, it is possible to manage them using a central server. You only need one dongle and the software for the license manager. ELITECAD can be installed on any number of computers in the network. The licenses are distributed at runtime until the amount of purchased licenses is reached.
Networks card
Licensing via the hardware ID of the networks card is not supported anymore and should only be done in exceptions.
Internet licensing is typically used outside of the EU, and is only activated upon request.
What are the system requirements of ELITECAD?
You can find the detailed system requirements and recommendations by clicking on Service - System Requirements or you can download the PDF file here.
Is it possible to use a student version commercially?
In general – no. The student version is intended for education purposes only. ELITECAD files that were created with a student version and are read back into a full version transfers the information of the origin onto the data in the full version.

Our offer
You want to temporarily use a student version commercially? Talk to us! We can unlock your version for a limited amount of time.
Is it possible to further use projects/files from a test version?
Files that were created in a test version can only be opened on the computer on which the model was created. After purchasing the software, we can unlock the files for you. Please contact the hotline and support in this case.
Is it possible to extend the testing period?
The testing period starts with activation and not with the download. In case you don't have enough time for testing, please contact your local reseller.
What's the difference between ELITECAD Architecture full version and Small Business version?
Compared to ELITECAD Architecture, the ELITECAD Architecture Small Business version is intended for small projects with one structure and a maximum of three storeys. Regarding the functionality, there are only slight differences between the two versions. The following table provides you with an overview:
Is it possible to upgrade a ELITECAD Architecture Small Business version into a full version?
Yes, that's no problem, it's the same installation. You will receive new codewords and can use the full version right away.
Is it possible to upgrade an ELITECAD Mechanics 2D version into a 3D version?
Yes, that's no problem. You will receive new codewords and can use the full version right away.
Are ELITECAD Architecture and ELITECAD Mechanics compatible?
Data exchange from ELITECAD Architecture to ELITECAD Mechanics and vice versa is possible. Not all editing functions are available for branche specific components (e.g. storey manager in Mechanics). We recommend to use external references instead of copying the data back and forth. That way objects can be edited in the corresponding applications.
Are there any limitations in file or model size?
No, the only limitation is the available storage on your hard drive. Of course working on a model becomes slower if not enough memory is available.
How can I find out which type of licensing is currently used?
You can find this information in the menu under SETTINGS->OPTIONS->GENERAL->CODEWORD CHECK or in the ELITECAD configuration application.
How can I find out which program version is installed?
Use the menu „?"->Info to open a copyright dialogue, which tells you exactly the version you are using.
There are issues with my license. Can I still save my data?
In case your dongle is broken or the connection to the license server is interrupted, you can still create an emergency backup of your data. Our hotline and support can convert this backup into a regular ELITECAD file.
Which interfaces are available in ELITECAD?
Here you can find out about the supported import/export interfaces:
How can I send a file to the ELITECAD support, that is larger than 16MB?
Use the link to upload files with up to 250MB and provide the link to our support team:
Link to Filetransfer