Innovative planning, plotting and collaboration: Cooperation with Canon Germany

The new cooperation between Canon Germany and XEOMETRIC brings an innovative combination of professional creation of BIM models and the resulting printing and documentation process for team meetings to planners with the latest Canon products.
Wolfgang Stöger (XEOMETRIC) and Joachim Cassinikos (Canon Germany) are looking forward to provide their customers with the added benefits of the cooperation.
From cooperation to cooperation: both companies exclusive partner of BDB (Bund Deutscher Baumeister) for their respective fields of expertise, we got into talks with Canon Germany and quickly realised that our vision and products are a perfect match. Soon after we agreed upon a collaboration with the goal to facilitate even more efficient and innovative BIM planning processes.

Said and done. Architects use ELITECAD to design their models in a fast and efficient way. Our product suite which ranges from Architectural design and planning to Mechanics and Industry ensures planners will master every 2D and 3D task with ease. The countless integrated functions for quantities and reports as well as the extensive visualisation possibilities round up the design process in the CAD software. In case you haven't tried it, feel free to download ourfree 30 day trail version and convince yourself.

After the plan is finished and ready for approval, further adaptations and execution, Canon Germany will take over as an expert in the field of imaging and document production and management. Using the latest Canon plotters, views and plans are printed not only quickly, quietly and cost-efficiently but are also covered with a protective coating which is dirt- and water-resistant, so they can be used at the construction site or in production halls. Results of meetings or change requirements can be documented right away with the corresponding attachment scanners. This eliminates the need for copying and scanning afterwards (sometimes on small A4 or A3 devices) and all stakeholders can be informed quickly and easily.

The countless advantages and all additional details are explained in free webinars which are organised by the BDB. As soon as the legal and health guidelines allow for it, there will be in-person events again. Interested? Feel free to register for further infos and we will get back to you as soon as we have the precise dates:
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The planner, with all of his tasks and workflows is the center of our activities. Therefore we want to ensure that our users are supported optimally in their daily work even beyond our own products by engaging in first-class cooperations. With Canon Germany we now have a leading company in the field of imaging and documentation production as a cooperation partner, whose professional hardware and innovative software perfectly complements the efficient planning process of ELITECAD.
Dr. Wolfgang Stöger, CEO and owner of XEOMETRIC GmbH
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