Cooperation with CADENAS boosts efficiency in construction processes
Innovation is one of the most important factors for success and competitiveness. With this shared mindset, CADENAS fits perfectly with XEOMETRIC because innovation and usability are important priorities in our product development, too.

Therefore, we are very pleased about the new cooperation, which has already enabled a new, free add-on module for ELITECAD Mechanics 14 customers: ELITECAD PARTS by CADENAS.

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With only a few clicks, the add-on module ELITECAD PARTS by CADENAS can be installed in ELITECAD Mechanics 14 and then offers 2D and 3D CAD components from all areas of industry via drag & drop. ELITECAD users now benefit from always up-to-date, detailed CAD data of their purchased parts included in more than 700 manufacturer catalogues containing millions of CAD models from top global companies. This makes the construction with ELITECAD Mechanics as efficient and user-friendly as never before!