New online experience on www.elitecad.eu

After intensive preparations, we are proud to announce: our website shines in new brilliancy!
At the center of the implementation was the user experience - our key focus in all endeavours.

The website is the digital business card of a company. Accordingly it is important for us to have an online appearance that is just as modern and intuitive as our CAD system ELITECAD. In the last weeks we edited the website, whereby all content was subject to a technical and visual revision.
Usability is essential in our product development and likewise important for our website. Therefore every consideration and action we take is focused on best user experience.
DI Dr. Wolfgang Stöger, XEOMETRIC CEO and Owner

Responding to the trend of mobile surfing, we designed the new website with reloading information blocks in order to reduce clicks for visitors via mobile devices. In addition to an appealing presentation of the company, there is also clear but still very detailed product information for the CAD program ELITECAD architecture as well as for our other in-house developments and partner products. Furthermore, the website impresses with latest news, events, useful videos and PDFs for the professional operation of the software. It also has its own showroom with great feature demonstrations. Especially this area will be expanded in the future with more interactive content.

So drop by regularly to see what's new. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy clicking through our new website.