BIM World 2018

An empty booth and bored employees ...
THAT would be a conference without you - our visitors. From 27th to 28th of November be have been at the BIM World in Munich and had many interesting conversations and made new contacts.

Simple conversations are great. But if the response is so great, you look into curious and surprised faces, then we love all the more what we do.
Then the fair was already a great success for us.

We would like to show you all, how easy it is to work with ELITECAD. It is all the more beautiful, of course, when the seats are filled to the last chair during the lecture and the audience listens attentively.
René Subhieh and Michael Brandl once again gave a presentation on BIM real-time visualization with VR, and also showed a complete architectural design in less than 10 minutes. - yes, you have read it correctly. This works out! :-)

The 2 days at the well-organized conference showed us once again that BIM is more important than ever, and with the right tools, it's not a hurdle. Visitors have discovered that ELITECAD is fun and offers real opportunities.
You visited us? THANK YOU for the personal conversation with you!
If you have not had the chance this time, at least you can browse through the photos and hopefully feel the flair.