Time to break new ground?

We know your destination.
Let`s go together.
We know your destination.
You know you want to switch your CAD software and the big topic Building Information Modeling keeps you busy. You have been thinking for weeks or months, you deal with the topic again and again but in the end you keep up with your current way of working. You accept workarounds and waste time unnecessarily. And every few weeks "this feeling" creeps in. The feeling that you actually want to change something.
You are longing for
An uncomplicated switch
Switching to ELITECAD is easily possible at any time. We always assist with personal service, no matter if first product demonstration or ongoing service.

>> we are on your side
Efficiency and
variety of functions
Innovation is crucial in our activities. We provide state-of-the-art products that are continuously enhanced with new features.

>> ELITECAD experience
Time savings in daily business
Very intuitive handling and our intelligent automatisms enable you to master your work a lot faster and more efficiently.

>> discover opportunities
Perspective in the topic of BIM
Open your project and you are right deep inside of BIM.
The performed changes are available instantly to all participants.

>> more about BIM

But when is the best time to switch?
Our answer is very clear here:
Because it is time to break new ground and
work fast & efficiently.

Now is the time to rethink and
deal with the topic.
It is now time for new opportunities and some software testing.
And now is the time to start thinking about the future.
"ELITECAD makes our daily workflows much more efficient and is furthermore very intuitive and easy to learn."

(Barbara Rauch - Architect at Rauch Diplomingenieure GmbH)
And it doesn't matter how big your company is, with which kind of projects you are pursuing your new path or which product of our software family you prefer. Switching is just as easy and efficient as working with ELITECAD.

Tedious manual efforts and workarounds are a thing of the past, our products are all-round ready-to-use solutions. From the first draft to detailed cost planning. Because NOW it is time for intelligent workflows, unique functions and designing a building in less than 10 minutes.
We would like to pave the way for new customers and offer:
on all XEOMETRIC software products*

Premium support
free until end of year**

From April 10th to May 10th 2020 we are offering a 25% discount*
on all inquired ELITECAD licenses and on top the
Premium support is free of charge until Dec 31st, 2020**!
Contact us and benefit from this special deal!

So that you can plan in the way that everyone likes:
Easy. Fast. Efficient.

*This special discount of 25% on the list price applies to new customers for all inquiries starting from April 10th,2020 until May 10th, 2020 for ELITECAD Architecture & Modules, ELITECAD Mechanics & Modules, ELITECAD Viewer Pro and ELITECAD Styler combined with a premium support contract for each license. Not valid for premium support fee, partner products and services such as workshops or custom developments.
** Only if a premium support contract is signed with a commitment of 3 years.

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